1. How hot is the hot room?

The room is heated to approximately 105 – 110 degrees farenheight using infrared heating panels. Many students comment on how comforting the heat is, and love practicing in a hot room!

2. What do I wear?

Due to the heat we recommend leggings or shorts and a t-shirt, vest top or crop top. Some men choose to practice without a top due to the intense heat. Jogging bottoms/Tracksuits etc tend to be unsuitable – you will feel uncomfortable and the instructor will struggle to see the alignment of your body if you choose to wear loose fitting clothes. It is a bare foot practice, no shoes are allowed in the yoga studio.

3. I’m not flexible – can I still do hot yoga?

We don’t expect students to be flexible or strong before attending a class – if you are then that is a bonus! Our aim is to help you to achieve greater flexibility, strength and balance over time with regular practice. If you are a complete beginner then we recommend attending a beginner’s class – those indicated with a (B) on our timetable.

4. What if I can’t cope with the heat?

The hot room is always a challenge but yoga is a non-competitive practice, you listen to your body and adopt a rest posture whenever you need it. You will be fine!!!!

5. Can I eat before class?

We recommend that you refrain from eating for at least 2 hours before practise but ensure that you drink plenty of fluids so that you are well hydrated.

6. What do I need to bring?

Mats are provided at the centre but you may wish to bring your own to place on top of the mats in the studio. You will sweat – a lot, so most students like to purchase their own mats if they are practising regularly. Towels are compulsory in the studio, you must place a towel over your mat. You will need a bottle of water, water is available to buy at the centre. There are showers and changing facilities at the centre, we recommend bringing a change of clothes so you can take advantage of our facilities.

7. How Many Classes Should I attend Per Week?

As many as you can!!! Many yogis practice yoga daily – the more regular your yoga practice is the more you will feel the benefits. We advise that you listen to your body and use that to guide you. Yoga teaches you to be more in tune with your body and listening to it is part of your yoga journey.

If you are already training in other sports then we recommend 2-3 sessions of yoga per week to develop your flexibility, strength and breathing capacity.

8. Can I practice yoga with a bad back?

We recommend that you consult your doctor, osteopath or whoever is treating you prior to class. However, regular yoga practice has been said to strengthen the back and can relieve back pain as well as other aches and pains in the body.

9. How old do I have to be to practice Hot yoga?

The minimum age to come to practice is 16 years old – there is no maximum age. That’s the beauty of yoga – we welcome all ages, all shapes and all sizes.

Studio Etiquette

We want our students to feel relaxed and calm before their practice, please feel free to enter the studio before the class has started and lie down on a mat in savasana or childs pose and allow yourself time to acclimatise to the heat and to relax.

We ask that students respect the quiet studio environment and refrain from talking in the studio both before and during class. There is a seating area in reception where you can feel free to sit and talk.

All classes are done in silence, this allows students to focus completely on their own practice and not disturb other students practice.

If you need to leave before the end of class we ask that you take at least 2 minutes in a rest posture before standing up to leave – this allows time for the heart rate to drop back down and for your breathing to return to normal.

No shoes are permitted in the studio.

No mobile phones are permitted in the studio, if you need to bring it in we ask that they are switched off – not just to silent.